Well Drilling

Hulihan Territory Inc. is a state licensed well drilling company located in Atlantic Beach, Florida

If you are using city water, you may want to consider the cost-saving benefits of installing a shallow well system. Imagine never paying for water again and, within three to four years, the well will pay for itself.

Water Wells can be used for a variety of uses such as: Domestic (drinking water) wells, Irrigation wells, and Nursery wells.

Types of Wells


Artesian Well

Artesian Wells are wells that are drilled into the Floridan Aquifer. Although we cannot guarantee the water quality of ground water, in most cases this well will contain Sulphur but not staining minerals such as iron. Artesian wells in NE Florida are typically between 250-600 feet deep depending on location. The Artesian Well is the most reliable water well source available.


Intermediate Well

Intermediate Wells are wells that are drilled into a sand formation. These wells are often called “salt and pepper” Wells, this name comes from the visual characteristics of the sand formation that they draw water from.  Intermediate Wells are typically between 120-215 feet deep depending on location and volume of water required. In most cases this well will contain sulfur but no staining minerals such as iron.


Shallow Wells

Shallow Wells are typically used for Small Residential Irrigation systems, these wells are drilled into a water-bearing layer of sand. Shallow wells Range from 30-45 feet deep. Most Shallow wells contain Iron which can cause staining in hard surfaces.